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Windows Tips Archive

Windows XP Only Tip

Quick Logoff - 4/13/02

Press WIN + L to do a quick logoff.

TweakUI - 4/19/02

If you want the XP version of TweakUI click here. It will show a message saying its not available. There is a solution to this. Use the old version of TweakUI. Click Here to download it. The first version of the XP Power Toys can be found at

Windows XP Powertoys - 4/26/02

The Windows XP Power Toys are now back and available to download. Click here to goto the page.

Windows Tip

Quick Clean Up - 4/13/02

Use the Disc Cleanup Utility to have an easy way to delete temporary files. Click Start|Programs|Accessories|System Tools|Disk Cleanup. Follow the on-screen directions. If you can't find it then Click Start|Run. Type in "cleanmgr" without the quotes. You can use the scheduled tasks folder to set it to run every so many weeks. This is a good way to clear space of of your hard disc. Users that understand this sentence: Goto my message board and tell the world what ammount of hard drive space was being used by temporary folders. If you think you had a lot of hard disc space being eaten by temp files, see what everyone else has.

Sound Recorder - 4/19/02

Windows comes with a sound recorder. Click Start | Run. Type "sndrec32.exe" without the quotes. It can record 1 minute of WAVE sound.

Clear AutoComplete - 4/26/02

You may have tried to clear your history and when you click the little box to the right of the address bar, everything is still there. That is called autocomplete. To clear it, goto Tools | Internet Options. Click content | auto complete. Click clear forms. To disable the autocomplete feature, un-check the web addresses box in that same window.

Advanced Users Only

Change Drive Letter Assignment - 4/13/02

There is no easy way to do this. You can change a drive letter of a CD, Non-system or non-boot physical hard drive. You can not change a hard drive letter of a drive with an OS on it. In 95, 98, and ME goto the system control pannel. Click the device manager tab. Select the drive. Select properties. Select the settings tab. Adjust the Start drive letter and the End drive letter so that they both say the letter you want to change the drive letter to. Click ok. You will have to restart. In 2000, NT, and XP right click My Computer and click manage. Select disc managment. Right Click the drive/partition and select Change Drive Letter and Paths. Click change. Here you can select a different drive letter. You may have to restart. You can also select add to add another drive letter too.

Remove Internet Explorer from Windows 98 - 4/26/02

Before even thinking about doing this, be sure you have your Windows 98 CD and a Windows 95 CD. Run the system file checker (Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Information, Tools | System File Checker) and extract the following 3 files from the Windows 95 CD:

You could stop there if you want to be able to use IE again. (If you do want to be able to use IE then just copy the original files back from the 98 CD.) Otherwise, delete the following folders from your computer

The only bad thing is Windows Update won't work. But, you can use any other browser and goto a website like

Created on ... April 13, 2002