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My Old Website's Tips

Internet Explorer 5 in Kiosk Mode

1.  Click Start.
2.  Click Run.
3.  Type in "iexplore -k url" without the quotes and replacing url with the website address you want to go to.  (See figure 1.1)
4.  Click ok.  To exit press and hold Alt and press F4.

Assign a CD-ROM Drive Letter

 1. Press Windows Key + Pause/Break. If you don't have a Windows Key right click My Computer and select Properties.
2. Select the device manager tab.
3. Make sure "View devices by type" is selected.
4. Double click the CD-ROM icon. A list of installed CD-ROM's will appear below it.
5. Double click the CD-ROM drive you wish to change.
6. Go to the settings tab.
7. Adjust the Start drive letter and the End drive letter so that they both say the letter you want to change the CD-ROM drive letter to.  Click ok.  You will have to restart.

System Properties Shortcut

    Press and hold the Windows Key.  Then press Pause/Break.  If you don't have a Windows key you can right click My Computer , and then select properties.

Cut, Copy, and Paste Shortcut

    If you want to cut text, which is where you copy text to the clipboard and it is removed from your document, the shortcut is "CTRL + X".

    If you want to copy text, which is where you copy text to the clipboard and it stays in your document, the shortcut is "CTRL + C".

    If you want to paste text, which is where you take the text from the clipboard and place it in your document, the shortcut is "CTRL + V".

    Note:  This also works for images.  Make sure you select the text you want to cut and copy by highlighting it.

Show Desktop Shortcut

    To show the desktop you can do 1 of three things:

1.  Press "Windows Key + M".  This minimizes all windows.

2.  Press "Windows Key + D".  This shows/un-shows the desktop.

3.  Click the icon with the four blue corners and the pencil that is in the quick launch toolbar.  If it is missing then click here for instructions to recover it.

Recover the Show Desktop Icon

1.  Click Start.
2.  Click Find, then Files or Folders.
3.  Type "*.scf" without the quotes.
4.  A file named Show Desktop.scf should be there.  If it is not then make sure you are searching in the hard drive with the windows directory on it.
5.  Select the file and then right click it and drag it to the quick launch toolbar.  Select Create Shortcut Here.

Symbol Shortcut

    Open the character map.  Make sure a font besides a font that is all pictures is selected.  Click the symbol that you are always using.  In the lower right-hand corner it says "Keystroke:" and then a letter or a combination of keys is shown.  That is the keystroke.  Write it down.  Go to your document and press those keys.  The special symbol will appear.  Some common keystroke combinations are listed below.

= Alt + 0169    = Alt + 0188    = Alt + 0178

= Alt + 0174    = Alt + 0189    = Alt + 0179

= Alt + 0163     = Alt + 0190    = Alt + 0133

Close Program Shortcut

    Press Alt+ F4 to close the active program.

Quick Help

    Press F1 to get a help window.

File Shortcuts

Press the keys listed below to perform that action:

    New Document = CTRL + N
    Open Document = CTRL + O
    Save Document = CTRL + S

Full Screen Dos

   If you are working in Dos and want a full screen then press ALT + Enter. To return to a windowed view press ALT + Enter again. Don't forget that you are still in Windows.

The Print Screen Key

   If you press the print screen key it captures an image of the entire screen and pastes it to the clipboard. So you can go into paint or some other picture editing program or an OLE implemented program. In other words a program which has a Insert Object button under one of the menus (eg.. WordPad). Also if you press ALT + Print Screen it just captures the active window.

Format A Floppy Disk

   There are two ways to format a floppy.
1.  Click start, run.
2.  Type command.
3.  Type "A:" without the quotes.
4.  Type "format A:" without the quotes.

1.  Open My Computer.
2.  Right-click A: and select format.

Backup your system

To open the Microsoft Backup program:

1.  Click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Backup.

Follow the onscreen instructions to backup your system.  I recommend you backup the following:

My Documents
Game and Program Saves
Anything that can't be reinstalled (you don't have the disk)
Other important data

Web picture to desktop

To put a picture that you see on a website onto your desktop then right click it and click "Set as Wallpaper."