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Windows Tips

Welcome to my new Windows Tips area. I will be adding a new Windows Tip each week. The tips that were on my old site can be found in the Archive. These tips SHOULD work on all versions of Windows. I have tested them with Windows 98 and XP. However, I can not take responsibility for any damage that these tips cause. You may not use these tips unless you understand that. If you would like to suggest a tip, feel free to at Also if you have any problems, please e-mail me at the link above. I would be glad to help you. It may take a few days for me to respond, though.

Windows XP Only Tip

Windows XP Powertoys

The Windows XP Power Toys are now back and available to download. Click here to goto the page.

Windows Tip

Clear AutoComplete

You may have tried to clear your history and when you click the little box to the right of the address bar, everything is still there. That is called autocomplete. To clear it, goto Tools | Internet Options. Click content | auto complete. Click clear forms. To disable the autocomplete feature, un-check the web addresses box in that same window.

Advanced Users Only

Remove Internet Explorer from Windows 98

Before even thinking about doing this, be sure you have your Windows 98 CD and a Windows 95 CD. Run the system file checker (Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Information, Tools | System File Checker) and extract the following 3 files from the Windows 95 CD:

You could stop there if you want to be able to use IE again. (If you do want to be able to use IE then just copy the original files back from the 98 CD.) Otherwise, delete the following folders from your computer

The only bad thing is Windows Update won't work. But, you can use any other browser and goto a website like

Archive My Old Websites Tips

Created on ... April 13, 2002  Updated Every Friday, Hopefully!